Castleiney N.S Ceremony of Light

The Confirmation Ceremony of Light takes place on 9th of February in St. John the Baptist Church, Castleiney

At Confirmation, we are called to do a special job or mission. We are called to witness to Jesus in our lives. Witnesses are people who speak about what they have seen and heard. We are called to speak about Jesus in our words and actions. Another way of saying this is that we are asked to be “Lights to the World”. We can be ‘lights to the world’ by being cheerful and joyful, by showing love and not being selfish and by doing the right thing even when it is not the cool thing to do. Jesus once said, “You are the light of the world. Your light must shine in the sight of all people, so that, seeing your good works; they may praise your Father in heaven”. At Baptism parents take a light from the Paschal Candle as a sign of the faith that they are going to hand on to their children. It is also a sign of the help and support they are going to give their children as they try to live out the faith in their lives. During the Ceremony of Light, the Confirmation candidates will take the light from the Paschal Candle themselves. This is a sign that they are taking on the responsibility for their own faith. Parents will continue to help and support their children in taking on this responsibility.


At the sacrament of Confirmation we receive the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit:-


  1. Wisdomgives us the grace to see things as God does.
  2. Understandinghelps us understand what God has told us and live accordingly.
  3. Right Judgementhelps us make the right decisions.
  4. Couragegives us the courage to do the right thing.
  5. Knowledgehelps us discover God’s will for us.
  6. Reverencegives us the power to love God and our neighbour as we should.
  7. Wonder and Awe in God’s Presencehelps us to see God’s presence everywhere.


These gifts help us in our lives right now and will help us to live as followers of Jesus into the future. The gifts of the Holy Spirit bear fruit in our lives. When we accept the gifts of the Holy Spirit and use them we become ‘lights of the world’ by showing the fruits of the Holy Spirit:-

  1. Love: we try to think of and care for others.
  2. Joy: we try to be full of joy and make life happier for others.
  3. Peace: we try to live in peace with God and with others around us.
  4. Patience: we try to be patient and understand that sometimes we need to wait.
  5. Kindness: we try to be kind to others, to care for others and to listen to others.
  6. Goodness: we try to put the needs of others first.
  7. Trustfulness: we try to show others that they can trust us and we try to give others a chance.
  8. Gentleness: we try to be gentle with our families and with those in school with us.
  9. Self-Control: we try to be fair and not lose our temper.