Chapter one by Kayla Treacy

Chapter one Boom,boom another bomb hits the shelter.
I quiver holding my baby sister Bridget. She’s only three months old and is fast asleep. I had to wrap her in two blanket. I watch her beautiful face looking up at me and hope she doesn’t  wake up. 

I place her down in the old pram. I search down the hall for Holly as she’s only five and isn’t exactly sure what’s going on. Today when I came home from school mum asked me to pick up some bread. Holly wanted to come so I took her and Bridget to give mum a break. 

When I was coming home I heard the siren and ran straight to the shelter.  We’ve been here for two hours and mum will be worried sick.
By Kayla Treacy

I hope you enjoyed chapter one if you would like more, the literature wall in school is always full of great stories written by all the children in the senior room.