CNS Active Week 2019

We had a wonderful week of activities recently for Active week 2019. We travelled to Thurles for swimming and spent some time in the playground. We also had an FAI Soccer workshop with the wonderful James Scott. We had a mini sports day in school, playing ,many different games. On Friday we had a GAA Skills workshop and Mr. Moloney took the children for Tag Rugby in the afternoon. We also combined this with the Food Dudes programme and the children learned about nutrition 🙂 

Photo 08-05-2019, 18 15 51.jpg Photo 08-05-2019, 18 25 46.jpg Photo 09-05-2019, 11 33 20.jpgPhoto 09-05-2019, 11 37 18.jpg Photo 09-05-2019, 15 56 08.jpgPhoto 09-05-2019, 16 20 41.jpgPhoto 09-05-2019, 16 32 10.jpg