Week 3 junior room 

Walls of limerick

In, out, in, out, apples cross over, oranges cross over, hold hands with person in front of you, 7 steps to the side, 1,2,3,1,2,3

Swing to the next couple  

Military two step: 

heel, toe, heel, toe, 123

Heel, toe, heel, toe, 123 

Step, step, back, back 

One, two, three, two two three, 3 two three …..

Harvest time jig

3 facing 3, in, out, in , out 

7 to the right & back. All put right hands in, dance in the direction you are facing. 

7 to the left & back. All put left hands in, dance in the direction you are facing.

Middle person turns to the right and hold hands. Point up,1,2,3 point up, 1,2,3 dance around each other once and repeat the same to the person on your left. 

Dance in and out once, drop hands and pass through shoulder to shoulder. 

Brush dancing in castleiney ns https://youtu.be/QwHxn-rUiuE
All the children in the junior room had a go and were absolutely fantastic ?????? It was a lovely finish to the 8 weeks. 
Thanks Michael