Green School

Green School

In 2018-2019 the Green School’s committee have begun looking at the theme of Biodiversity. We are finding out about the challenges that face the world when it comes to sustaining life and preventing risks to our Biodiversity.

Green Schools is a programme that gives children the opportunity to learn about the world around us and to learn about ways to sustain the earth.Over 3,800 primary, secondary and special schools in Ireland (>93% of all Irish schools) are currently participating part in the programme and over 2980 schools have been awarded the Green Flag. The Irish Green-Schools programme is one of the most successful within the international network. One of the main factors in the success of the Irish Green-Schools programme is the partnership between the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce and Local Authorities i.e. the financial and time contribution of the Local Authorities to the programme. Most of the Local Authorities (City & County Councils) have an Environmental Education Officer (EEO). These officers provide the invaluable on the ground support to schools undertaking the programme.

Green-Schools is a themed and seven-step programme for each theme. The themes are 1. Litter & Waste, 2. Energy, 3. Water, 4. Travel, 5. Biodiversity, 6. Global Citizenship – Litter & Waste and 7. Global Citizenship – Energy.

We gained our first reward for litter and waste in 2011.


We gained our second green flag in 2013 for our work in reducing energy being used.

We received our third flag for Water in June 2016. All the children worked very hard on gaining this one and really benefits the school, with the addition of the water butt, awareness of water wastage so that over flushing of toilets, leaving taps running  and over filling the kettle are things of the past.

We are now beginning to look at gaining our fourth green flag for travel. Seán Hartigan from An Taisce has visited our school and he is going to help us complete our work for this flag. Our green schools committee is formed and we are on the way!