Story of Chocolate

This week, 2nd class read a story in their English books called “The Story of Chocolate”. It was a very interesting story, but it made our mouths water reading about chocolate. Here are some things that we learned about chocolate.
We get cacao beans from the cacao tree.
Beans are cut down from the tree and left in the sun.
Once the beans turn very brown, they are put into very hot ovens to melt.
We learned that while people everywhere love chocolate, but eating chocolate everyday would not be good for us.
We tried out a recipe for Little Chocolate Cakes

Here is the recipe we followed: (From: The Grumpy Teaspoon- Folens)
Little Chocolate Cakes

You will need:
Bars of chocolate
Little cake cases
Some hot water or a microwave

This is what to do:
1. Melt the chocolate bars over very hot water (We melted ours in a microwave).
2. Put the cornflakes into the melted chocolate.
3. Spoon this out into the little cake cases.
4. Let the little cakes get cold.

Don’t forget to lick the spoon afterwards!

The junior infants melted the chocolate

image image image

Everyone got a turn of mixing the chocolate with the Rice Krispies and they looked and tasted delicious.