Visit to the Garda College & Templemore Garda station.

The children and Staff had a fantastic day in Templemore Garda Síochána College and our local Garda station. We got a full tour of the college by Sergeant John Reynolds. We saw their classrooms, their training vehicle area, the gym and recreational areas and the museum. In the museum, we looked at the various uniforms of the different areas and the bikes over the years. We looked at their Personal equipment such as handcuffs and pepper spray that all guards are assigned. We learned that only some guards carry guns.

Sergeant in charge, Fiona Fogarty took us on a tour of the local station where we saw the cells, the interview rooms, the breathalyzer room and we all got our finger prints taken.

We were all so good that we got to go to park and had a great time.

It was a fabulous day out.

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