Water in the Junior room

The Junior room were learning all about water last week. 

We looked at what we use it for, the importance of saving water, Water in other countries and wells.

We looked at a Georgie Badiel interview in SESE and her early life in West Africa where by walking to the well on a 3 hour round trip everyday was her life compared to her later life of living in France and London and water was so accessible. She set up the Georgie Badiel Foundation to make water more accessible to towns in Africa and has wrote a children’s book 

We also looked at a Enestina’s family in our Grow in love book 


We also learned some poems and songs on the subject of water and learned all about the water cycle and made these cool dioramas based on the water cycle.

We know all about precipitation, condensation, evaporation and run off or collection.

Water experts!!