We are an active flag school

Tommy came today from Active Schools to see in person all the great initiatives the children have undertaken this year in a bid to be more active. He was put through his paces by all the playground leaders for the group activities. 

The children amazed him as they presented and explained all the activities they l do and have completed. 

Mr o Brien and his amazing commitee have worked extremely hard on the road to achieving this active flag for our school. Thank you very much Mr o Brien for all your preparation of activities, games and events.

….& we are extremely proud to announce that  ……   We are now officially an active school. #beactive #activeschool 

Tommy was very complimentary of the school on his visit – the amazing  children , the hardworking staff and school community and the fabulous school grounds. So achieving this active school flag deserves a big hip hip hooray to everyone and well done.

Thank you to Tommy for visiting our school. 

We will have our flag raising the night of our end of year celebrations on Monday 26th June.